Lend directly to African entrepreneurs and create growth together with them

Together with thousands of people around the world, you can lend money directly to entrepreneurs in Africa. At the same time you can earn money and support small businesses… crowdfunding at its best.

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Find a business you like and lend the amount you want

Sit back and browse through many interesting entrepre-neurs. When you find one you like, you are only a click away from helping that specific business. Upon repayment you can choose to relend or withdraw the money - that’s your call.


Is it safe?

All businesses have gone through a thorough evaluation by a local MYC4 partner. If it should happen that an entrepreneur is not capable of repaying the loan, each MYC4 partner has signed a 100% risk guarantee agreement, so your risk is limited. Read more about risk here.

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Get started right away!

Being an investor has never been easier. All you need to do is:
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  • Upload Money
  • Find a loan you like
It only takes €5 to be part of something bigger get started now